We have simplified pricing.

Most single family home inspections between 1-4000 sq/f and between Odgen to Provo are $349.00
That INCLUDES the full radon and full thermal imaging inspection.

Don’t need or want the Radon or Thermal Imaging? Prices start at $250 for single family homes and $200 for condos.

Additional services available:

  • Methamphetamine swab test $99.00 with home inspection / $149.00 without home inspection
  • Indoor air quality (VOCs, Hidden Mold & Formaldehyde) $239 – This is a VERY detailed service
  • Mold (2 air pump samples delivered to a Utah lab) $239
  • Thermal home inspection $149.00 – without home inspection
  • Radon Radstar RS800 testing $149.00 per 48 hour of testing – without home inspection
  • Drinking Water Testing $79.00 for Bacteriologicals (Total Coliform & E. coli) Well or Public $149 without inspection
  • Reinspection fee $99.00

No additional charge for crawlspaces, detached garages, older homes, etc.

Call us anytime for additional pricing. 801.675.3000

The additional mold testing includes the following molds:

Alternaria, Arthrinium, Ascospores, Aspergillus/Penicillium Types, Basidiospores, Bipolaris/Dreschlera, Chaetomium, Cladosporium, Curvularia, Epicoccum, Fusarium, Memnoniella, Nigrospora, Oidium/Peronospora, Pithomyces, Polythrincium, Smuts / Myxomycetes / Periconia / Rusts, Spegazzinia ,Stachybotrys, Stemphylium, Torula, Ulocladium, Unidentified Mitospores, Rhizopus/Mucor. Total Fungal Spores